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How to survive when writing a dissertation

To earn a doctoral degree in most areas, you will be required to write a book-length thesis. The process of its writing can be very difficult: you have to think about a worthy project, carry out your own research, which projectile the original argument and contributing to the sphere. Your individual experience may vary greatly depending on the academic field, university faculty and the project, but fortunately, there are a number of general tips that will help with the process.

Start in advance. Although you do not start the active phase of writing a dissertation, until you get to the final part of the doctoral program - usually after several years of coursework and exams - you have to start thinking about potential projects in advance. Your first few years in graduate school are crucial, because they introduce you to the basics of scientific work in your area. In the course of development of this material you can do outline of what you could add to it. Refill your list of ideas.

Understand the goal. Even within one area different departments may have a different approach to a dissertation project. You should be aware of what constitutes a satisfactory thesis in your area, at your university, written with the support of your faculty - and, ideally, in terms of your research supervisor and committee members. Conducting a baseline study will help you feel more confident and make the process less mysterious. 

Ask for help in determining the best ideas for a potential project. With the approach of the thesis defense, you have to share the available ideas with people who can help you: your scientific supervisor, professor with experience in your area, other graduate students (especially those that are a little further in process of writing a dissertation project), dissertation writing service and any other potential source of advice and wisdom. Be open and receptive to their suggestions. 

Be realistic. You must choose a project that can be completed within a reasonable time and has the necessary amount of information. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that you will have to postpone the most interesting and ambitious idea. Remember: if you can not complete the thesis in time, the revolutionary ideas contained in it, will not have any value. 

How to cope with stress at the exam

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Summer - time for graduation and entrance examinations, on which so much depends. This is a serious test not only knowledge of the graduate, but his psychological stability.

In youth experience of severe trials of life is still low, the psychological steeling is not enough. Therefore exams sometimes turn into torture and bring real suffering. Just remember your feeling when you need your college paper done until tomorrow and you haven't even started. Is it possible to overcome this threshold without excessive stress, fears, and tears? Psychologists believe that this is quite possible.

Whence undertakes stress?

According to experts, it is generated by:

  • intense mental activity,
  • the burden on the same muscles and organs due to prolonged sitting behind books,
  • and also the violation of sleep and rest mode.
But the main factor provoking stress development - it is a negative emotion.

Examination stress - one of the most common types of stress. Studies show that during the examination period in the schools and universities 48% of boys and 60% girls noticeably lose weight, and blood pressure has increased to 140-155 mm Hg.

According to a survey of graduates of schools, most often examinees suffer from headaches, nausea, and diarrhea, have exacerbated all skin diseases, there is a feeling of general malaise, confusion, panic and fear. At the same time they become overly self-critical, and their tortured nightmares and bad memories of past failures in examinations (and not only their own but also others).

Stress can also cause depression, during which a person has a sharp change in mood, appetite, and sleep deteriorates, understated self-esteem. Depression is very insidious, because it affects the motivation of actions, making it difficult to prepare for exams.

Few people know that stress has also positive sides. In small doses, it is simply necessary, because it indicates when the problem occurs and is responsible for our "tuning" on adequate behavior in danger. In the case of examinations, stress provides the body with extra adrenaline, supporting us in the right form. 

How to become a successful student

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A good student always listens attentively and takes an active part in the lesson. If you want to study better then everyone in school and get good marks - here you will find a few tips for achieving your goal.

In order to become a good student you have to work on a key aspect - to become more organized. Without organization, you will be hard to find your school supplies and notes.

Buy a folder to store your records, homework and tests / written work. Buy a bookmark or make them yourself. You can also buy boxes of documents, which are placed several folders.

Buy a diary or journal to record the tasks, the date of the test, etc. Thus, coming home in the evening, you can organize your schedule and calculate what task you need to pass in the first place and start working on it. In this area, it is important to set priorities.

Dress neat and tidy - this will show your respect. Do not wear tight clothes or, on the contrary, things that hang on you. If you have a form at the school, dress neatly, tuck the shirt to look good. 

Do not go beyond the boundaries of the dress - code defined by your school. Be grateful for what the school committee allow you to wear what you want, although they could enter form. 

Make sure that you have done your homework and write it clearly and precisely, and will be able to read it then. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. If you must take the report until Monday, you were given for it three weeks, and you have not even begun - it is better not to wait until Sunday. Try to start to work on it in advance or at least find a professional service that will type your essay for you. 

Show that you want to study. If you do not understand something, do not hesitate to ask the teacher. If you have an idea - raise your hand.

To create an ideal learning environment you should be cheerful and full of energy. Distractions can reduce the effectiveness of training. These include: television, talk radio, music - anything that can distract you from the task execution.  

It is proved that the students involved in extracurricular activities do better in school, so do not overload yourself, but do not sit idle. Join a club or join a sports team, drama club and other clubs that organize representations or compete with other schools. 

If you notice that someone is rude to newcomer, intercede for him. Let everyone know you as a reliable person and a good friend - then people will treat you with respect. In addition, if you help others, you can also count on their support.

Announce your candidacy for the post of president of the class and / or the student council.

Relax! After having done the homework, you can have some fun. Watch a movie or start reading the book that wanted to.   

Why do students do not like to write essays

According to students of all ages, the greatest difficulty in studying they are experiencing at the time of writing school essays.

As a rule, children, are not very eager to learn how to write. What for? Indeed, in our time, an essay on any topic can be found on the Internet or in printed collections, which published a great many or can be bought at essay writing services. This is, firstly. Secondly, children are afraid that their own opinion is not quite right, not the same as served in the same criticism. Believe that because of this estimation will be decreased. So, it is better not to write.

But psychologists say that students simply do not know how to approach this kind of work as an essay. Children are often afraid, not whether they will be punished for expressing the non-standard opinion.

Students need to be explained that the ability to express their thoughts on paper, to argue, to think for themselves and express their own opinions are not given to man by birth. This needs to be learned.

It is not necessary to prove how important for the human ability to think, to compare the facts, make inferences, in the end, build a strong statement. All this will not only help on admission to educational institutions but also useful in adult life. And developing these skills exactly an independent essay writing of various kinds. 

How to take a break from work and study

In order to properly relax, you first need to just stop doing something from which you feel the uncomfortable feeling and the desire to relax. When a person is busy with things he loves, he did not work and didn't need rest, even if he works more than anyone. When you work where you do not like and constantly get tired, it's over, you need to look for ways to relax and as a result, you are just wasting your life on a long vacation or a sleep.

In order to learn how to relax from the worries, work, and study, do a 5-minute break. If you are engaged in mental and sedentary work, then you need to make a 5-minute jog or just walk in the fresh air and do light exercises and workout. If you are engaged in manual labor, you will need to make per hour 20-minute break and during this time better to lie down and do nothing in a relaxed state. Then after a rest, you will work productively and quickly deal with the affairs.

In order to properly relax, you need positive emotions at work and then you can not be tired. Smile and recharge yourself with positive, even if there is no reason for this. Because the brain does not understand, you should be happy or not. When you give him the program joy, it will start to do anything to help your body to rest and recover strength. At the same time, you do not need breaks and long weekends. The main thing is to keep the brain clean of negative information, which takes all the strength and energy in vain.

In order to relax properly and not get tired so quickly of writing your term paper, for example, you need to try to eat at the same time each day and drink 2 liters of water evenly throughout the day. This will charge the body with the necessary vitamins and energy for a better functioning of the brain and muscles of the body.


How to earn extra money while studying in college

Every student wants to get extra money and often complains of lack of such, regardless of whether they get money from college or not. This guide is intended for those students who want to earn a little money to spend on some special food, a date or maybe a simple trip to the bowling.

Take part in online surveys. Many questionnaires will often pay you a small amount of money. Even if it can not be considered a large income, every penny counts!

Find a job in a campus. In every college campus you will find vacant jobs. Although the payment of such work is often low, but it can be tailored to your schedule of training sessions and other activities, to distribute your hours throughout the week. There are different types of work, such as cleaning, catering services and assistance in the library or college essay help. Be prepared to accept any employment opportunities, as proposals are usually diverge rapidly. 

Find a part time job. College students often just want to relax and do nothing when they are outside the classroom. That's fine, but to you probably will not fall from the sky a large sum of money to spare. Cities where schools are located, as a rule, are inundated with a variety of fast-food restaurants and other shops. If you wish to find a job just call to several places with the question of job and be persistent.

Have an internship. Working as an intern in a company, organization or institution offers benefits that may include training, mentoring, work experience, networking opportunities and a positive characteristic in the summary. Some universities are asking students and employers to fill the "training contract", which specifies that the students will learn during the internship. This is a great way to moderate income while attending classes at college.

Work on the weekends. If you find a summer job, ask if there is likely to continue to work on the weekend after the start of the school year, if you live near the place where you lived during the summer seasons. 

The delights of student life

While studying at the college and university you are waited by a lot of the most enjoyable moments of the studentship that benefit during your life and at all times laid in the memory with a pleasant smile on your lips. Here they are!


Each university has a tourism club. For students who can not imagine their life without sports and nature, these amazing memories when the friendly company went hiking in the mountains, set up camp, sang songs until late at guitar playing, met the stars, slept in sleeping bags and ate food prepared in a cauldron over a fire. Romance, what else to say?

As a member of the Tourist Club, the studentship will always be remembered with its pleasant moments and vivid memories, and a huge number of funny and spectacular pictures long time will evoke positive emotions while watching.

Scientific works

Many students, who eager for knowledge, are well aware that the university - this is an excellent "springboard" for future employment.

That is why even in the walls of the university, they try their best to achieve their potential by taking part in scientific conferences and seminars, as well as creating research papers, making important discoveries.


Another charm of student life - scholarship, which receives monthly exemplary and responsible students. This gives you the stability that allows you to be independent of parents, at least partially.

Rest in nightclubs

Students in breaks between studies can relax and enjoy life. Some as the main entertainment choosing night clubs and are such places frequently.
The point is that is not required to be the rich bigwig to "hang out". Most of the nightlife is just designed for students, so offer entrance at a discount, organize student parties and a lot of other bonuses to increase attendance.

Diploma of Higher Education

This is the sake of what students studied for many years. Get a diploma - is to secure a challenging work, decent working conditions, and a comfortable existence.

Friends and comrades for a lifetime

As a rule, faithful and reliable friends appear exactly at the university. Communication with them is not lost even after graduation, but some friendships are maintained for decades.

This is another nice thing, because such a friendship is time-tested, by the complexities of multiple session.

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The work of writer, as it is

 When people talk about writers, most of all, for some reason, imagine a person who sits in the armchair, giving the face a thoughtful expression and relaxed thinking about something. Then he sits at the table, within half an hour from his pen/keyboard come up a new book and goes to the editors.
A month later, that writer spends in a joyful idleness, the fee ends and again he has to sit in the chair, to come up with a new story. And then - write.

 There is another opinion - the writer rushes around the house (or Fazenda), with disheveled hair, unshaven, waving a pen, splashing ink the wall, then jump over the table and scribbling, scribbling, scribbling ... After finishing he helplessly tilts and falls asleep, in the room steals the wife (or someone else), read carefully, amazed the genius, brings the work to the editors, everyone is falling into a swoon, and - here he is a millionaire.

 To write immediately can only afford a person who write custom papers for a long time or a person with experience in the quarter of a century or someone and at the same time on a fairly limited topic. That is - to describe the events that have already occurred, so it was fun to read, nothing inventing and not surprising anyone with his talent. Yes - has written. Yes - a lot, and in one night. During one evening we will read it and the next day will forget. Because to write something memorable can only in the result of hard work. Doubt?

But it even doesn't need any proves - is enough to understand that people are not only different, but one same person in a different mood will perceive written work very differently. Therefore - writing something in one sitting, we risk getting the result that after reading does not satisfy the author himself - the mood is different. What to say about other people?

Submitting a deep thought, to create an atmosphere, to inspire with what is happening in the imagination of the author - the book task. What is a book? It is structured in a certain way letters of the alphabet and punctuation marks. Structured in such a way that in the reader's mind images appear, heart beats more often and blush on cheeks, and thought, new, life-saving (or destructive) appear.

That stage of the translation from the language of your thoughts to publicly accessible, a clear and concise language called the work of the writer. Each author (and all people) consider their thoughts ingenious, unique and best in the world. He does not understand that the most of his thought, if not bear practical use to the reader, are not wanted at all. Unless specifically expressed, structured and understandable. Then the reader closes the book only on the last page, fully satisfied and confident in his own mind

Why do we study at university?

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Have you thought about why studying in a university (or school?) Many are saying for the sake of knowledge, but do you use it now? ... Someone will say that even knowledge is not as important as what you can get information retrieval skills thanks to the university? ..a what do you think? ... and if it looks like a self-deception?

Why learn something that you will not use in the future. For example, if you learning French, and then for two years does not talk about it, believe me, in two years you will hardly remember what you studied ... Of course, I'm for it, to learn languages. But the idea is that they are much better absorbed if practiced daily and be where everyone speaks French. Similarly, it applies to all those subjects which you are studying.

Mindfulness during the education

There are a lot of students who unconsciously look at their education. They do not understand why they do it. When asking them a question: "So why did you learn ', often getting answers," it is how it should be "," it is important for the parents. " And they go to the university, just like everyone else. According to the principle: where goes everyone - I go too.

Indeed, the more we study, the more we realize and becomes conscious. At the awareness lies freedom. But, unfortunately, in the world is arranged a system where you need to go and learn what you do not like just because for someone else that seems important. Most students do not know who they want to become. And hovering in illusions that after finishing university this mystery will be revealed.

Actually, we are capable of creating a future such, as we wish. Please note, commonly taught in universities economy those who have never owned a business. Or teach engineering, those who never projected. Or writing a book who used essay writing services in college. Then think about what they will be able to teach you? Theory? However, we need practice. Reality.

To find yourself, the first thing you need to start with - is the intention of finding yourself. Find your business center. That is the work that you will excite and inspire. So that you get an orgasm from the process. So that you were willing to do all these things for free. It is those people who have invested in their job their heart and soul, became prominent businessmen and real experts. 

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Egghead Problem

At whatever point using, advancing, even simply assembling your social occasion, you ought to chase down the most sharpened individuals in the room, isn't that so? One moment.

Comprehension is one of those qualities where there is a base level should have been in the redirection. Once past that, an unrestrained measure of data can be a downside or more heartbreaking.

The Enron association cluster, for instance, were known as "the most awe inspiring individuals in the room." Consider how well that turned out. The past US vitality exchanging affiliation tapped its top ability to run some of its most-supportive divisions, essentially without supervision. The boss, paying little personality to their smarts, were a haughty, conflicting social event who put it all on the line and lost billions of dollars. The affiliation isolated in 2001.

Vehemently, the occupation for which you're using has any kind of effect. I do need big-time data for experts, masters, and coders, regardless you can secure those people a room and let them do their thing since they take a shot at their own. On the off chance that they require fiery learning or interpersonal aptitudes, any underhandedness they do is restricted as a result of their self-decision work.

Regardless, do I really need to locate the most sharpened boss?

The issue with gifted individuals

The issue with truly adroit individuals is that they reliably think they know more than different people. Possibly they do. In any case, that doesn't help them when they're attempting to awaken others to get tied up with whatever they're advancing. For example, I was exhausting one senior power who dependably appeared, all in all, to be one stage before different people on her social affair. In any event, that is the thing that she thought. One of the best difficulties she went up against was seeing that unmistakable administrators didn't as a have any kind of effect clearly see the world the same way. That surmised she foreseen that would contribute an impeccable opportunity to acquire them along case she anticipated that would get adjust on her favored attempts.

When you know the right reply, you regularly can hardly imagine how different people doesn't simply see the same thing, and fall into line.

Shockingly, affiliations don't work that way. Particularly when working with sidekicks when you don't have encourage control over them, the best way to deal with get power toward your favored result is to offer them on the thought. Compelling your "unrivaled" game-plan simply doesn't work.

The incoherence is that now and again the most capable individual can make for a champion amongst the most inadequate boss. You can see this in entertainments, for instance, where surrendered wonders a significant part of the time gather that its hard to guide or direct satisfactorily in light of the way that they are at this moment overseeing lesser mortals that weren't regarded with the same level of trademark limit.

Wayne Gretzky, the Canadian hockey legend who surrendered with more individual scoring records than anybody ever, was amazingly deficient as a head guide. The same might be said as for Michael Jordan, conceivably the best b-competitor ever, who has never could lead an effective b-ball association whether as general supervisor, president or proprietor.

It could be basically as horrible when we let the A-level social event go to advance with what they see as the best thing. I conversed with directors at Singapore-based Creative Technology, Inc after the iPod had starting late been shown by Apple. Inventive had a mechanically unrivaled MP3 player, yet clients bolstered the iPod, to the utter dissatisfaction of the Creative executives. They just couldn't see how clients were so silly!

Yet, taking everything in record the best improvement doesn't generally win, much the same as the most sharp individuals don't all things considered succeed.

It's not simply learned wellness where more might likewise not be better. For instance, is it remarkable to continue diminishing the time it takes for specialists to offer clients some assistance with requesting help by technique for get focuses? Shouldn't something be said concerning the method for the heading, how the client sees the estimation of the knowledge or broadly whether it's such an incomprehensible thought notwithstanding to attempt to streamline on rate?

Zappos, the US-based online shoe store, genuinely compensates experts for contributing more essentialness with clients who secure with solicitation as to things they are considering acquiring. For Zappos, client experience on a call trumps any immediate metric that, in its perspective, can really diminish productivity.

Right when masters are nudged to burst through clients as fast as would be sensible, maxims that the client starts things out are only that — void, negative witticisms that mean nothing to game plans staff.

Also, about we not neglect the reaction that keeps running with this overall population. Individuals who really consider association chase somewhere else down work. That leaves demotivated operators who really advantage a work of hitting their time targets. At long last, you get what you require, yet you lose as a delayed consequence of un-nuanced suspecting that more is superior to anything less.

Call it amazingly satisfying the wrong vision.

The voyage for more might well be the depicting ethos of our time, however the inconvenience that runs with this undaunted obsession warrants more vital thought. Dependent upon the most sharp and the most talented to lead and oversee individuals and social occasions might be an outstanding little something that sounds a huge measure best on a crucial level over fundamentally.

Tea or Coffee?

Endless disputes have been sought after over the power of one beverage over the other. In any case, what does the exploratory evidence say?

George Orwell may have made that "tea is one of the spines of human headway in this country" – yet even we British need to perceive that our national drink is going up against strong competition from the espressos, and lattes assaulting our shores.

Despite the risks of wading into such a charged dispute, BBC Future weighed up the relative advantages of each drink. There's no speaking to taste, clearly, yet we have hunt the exploratory recording their certified, quantifiable outcomes for our body and cerebrum.

The update

For a few, the caffeine kick is the crucial reason we pick either refreshment; it's the oil to our engines when regardless of all that we're feeling to some degree creaky in the morning. Develop essentially in light of its course of action, coffee should win pass on: some tea has around a vast segment of the estimations (40 milligrams) of the stimulant caffeine that you would find in a some readied channel coffee (80 to 115 milligrams). Yet this doesn't unyieldingly reflect the jug of the update.

Dosing subjects with either tea or coffee, one (in actuality little) look at found that both beverages left subjects feeling similarly alert later in the morning. Disregarding the way that that study relied on upon self-reported opinions of availability, clear complexities have fail to ascend in more target measures of obsession, either –, for instance, reaction times. Certainly, when you estimation up on tea made to the indistinguishable quality as coffee, it truly ends up being to be more fruitful at sharpening the mind.

The specialists gather that the caffeine estimation is not the whole story: perhaps our longings in like manner choose how prepared we feel, or the reality of the situation may prove that it's the general experience of the tastes, and smells, of our most adored refreshment that mixes our resources.

Choice: Against justification, tea seems to give practically as powerful an update as coffee. It's a draw.

Rest quality

The best differentiations amidst coffee and tea may rise once your head hits the pad.

Taking a gander at people drinking the same volume of tea or coffee over a single day, masters at the University of Surrey in the UK confirmed that though both refreshments credit practically identical favorable circumstances to your thought in the midst of the day, coffee purchasers have a tendency to feel that its harder to drop off around night time – possibly in light of the fact that the higher caffeine content finally gets up to speed with you.

Tea shoppers, interestingly, had longer and more tranquil rests.

Choice: Tea offers an expansive bit of the upsides of coffee, without the eager nighttimes – an unmistakable win.

Tooth recoloring

Close by red wine, coffee and tea are both known not our superb whites a faint yellow and chestnut. Yet, which is more lamentable?

Most dental masters seem to agree that tea's consistent shades will likely hold quick to dental completion than coffee's – particularly in case you use a mouthwash containing the fundamental sans germ chlorhexidine, which seems to pull in and attach to the little particles.

Choice: If you require a faultless smile, coffee may be the lesser of two indecencies.

A prescription for lamented souls…

In England, it's standard to give "tea and affectability" to a resentful sidekick – the musing being that some Earl Gray is pharmaceutical for fomented identities. Frankly, there is some affirmation that tea can ease your nerves: steady tea shoppers do have a tendency to exhibit a more settled physiological response to unsettling circumstances, (for instance, open talking), diverged from people drinking characteristic blends. When all is said in done, people who drink three holders a day appear to have a 37% lower threat of despairing than the people who don't drink tea.

Coffee doesn't have the same reputation; no doubt, some report that it makes them feel like their nerves are banging. Yet there is some affirmation that it too may secure against whole deal mental wellbeing issues. A late "meta-examination" (condensing the outcomes of studies including more than 300,000 individuals) found that some coffee a day seems to reduce your peril of making despairing by around 8%. On the other hand, distinctive refreshments, (for instance, sweetened pop pops) simply extend your risk of making mental wellbeing issues.

We need to carry such results with a crush of salt: paying little mind to the specialists' sincere endeavors, in this kind of sweeping epidemiological study it's hard to choose out various variables that may be behind the association – anyway the reality of the situation may prove that both refreshments offer a blended beverage of supplements that hose down tension responses and bolster mind-set in the whole deal.

Choice: Based on this obliged confirmation, it's a draw.

… and a demulcent for bodies

Likewise enticing, however preliminary, epidemiological studies have prescribed that both coffee and tea offer various other wellbeing giving points of interest. A few measures of either refreshment a day appears to decrease your threat of diabetes, for instance. (The exact size of the point of preference is still under talk – gages change from around 5 to 40%.) Since even decaf coffee gives the same favorable circumstances, it has all the earmarks of being likely that distinctive supplements may be oiling the processing framework so it can at present capably get ready blood glucose without getting the chance to be relentless to insulin – the explanation behind diabetes.

Both refreshments furthermore appear to fairly guarantee the heart, regardless of the way that the confirmation is from every angle insignificantly more grounded for coffee, while tea in like manner appears, all in all, to be to some degree guarded against working up an extent of tumors – perhaps because of its disease anticipation operators.

Choice: Another draw – both refreshments are a stunning, wellbeing giving cure.

General choice: Much as we Brits would have favored tea to turn out the unmistakable victor, we have to yield there is little between the two refreshments other than individual taste. Build only in light of the way that it licenses you to enhance night's rest, we declare tea the champ – however why not grant your own thoughts to us through internet organizing?

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The world most famous experiments over human life

The desire to experience our opportunities and challenge the routine sometimes pushes people to the incredible things. On something that nobody had ever done before. And if all these challenges just another chance for the brave souls to live life more interesting and complete, with their own example, they make us to believe in our forces.

Here is the most extraordinary experiments of people over their lives, in order to prove that our possibilities are endless.

20 minutes without air

It is difficult to imagine a more suitable candidate to head the list. David Blaine - illusionist, who lives according to the principle "if one person could - everyone can." The most amazing experience in experiments on himself, David considers holding a breath for 17 minutes and 4 seconds, when he challenged the basic human needs - the need for oxygen.

Among his other experiments - "burial" alive in a plastic container, freezing in the ice, "dizziness" - 35-hour "standing" on the top of 22-meter tower, 44-day imprisonment without food in a box above the surface of Thames.

Complete rejection of money

At the age of 53 Heidemarie Schwermer rejected apartment she rented, handed out all her possessions to neighbors, leaving herself only a small suitcase, which place all the essentials. So she decided to make an experiment - to live a year without money and tangible property, except vital things. "People are very passionate about the material - money, property, - she says. - Spending on it a lot of time and effort. And they do not realize how little actually money gives us! I wanted to prove that another way of life is possible".

In exchange for food and lodging Heidemarie started to wash windows in private homes. In her words, the first time such a life was very difficult, but the sense of freedom that she felt, was worth it. Heidemarie for already 17 years live without using money for any reason. Moreover, she has become famous, and now consultations and lectures on life without material values became her main activity. A woman travels around the world and by her example shows people that for a happy life we need not so much.

Life without garbage

Bea Johnson, a frenchwoman who lives in California, in surprisingly simple manner solved the pollution problem for herself. Once she has made a choice and for perpetuity refuse the things that can not be recycled by own forces - from products in disposable packaging, household chemicals in plastic bottles and lots of unnecessary things. Thus, her family of 4 produces no more than liter can of garbage per year.
The idea of reducing the waste came to Bea during the move into a new house. "I had three dining sets, for only I need only one, we had 4 tables and 26 chairs, for only four of us. There were a lot of clothes and other totally useless things, or things that we rarely used", - she said.

Now she creates cosmetics for herself and produces substances for washing dishes and floors from the vinegar. Bea goes shopping with her rag bags and glass jars, buys all weighted. At the same time house where the family lives, and the way food is stored in it, look quite stylish. Everything is in their places, no mess and unnecessary things.

"When people first hear about this way of life, they are often imagined a sort of hairy hippies gone to live on nature in the village. Many even say that, in order to recycle all waste produced in the house, I should be engaged in it from morning till night. In fact, I work full time, like everyone else. And in my daily life everything is just the opposite - only faster and easier. That's why I chose this lifestyle. Its motto is - simplicity".

Endless journey

Minimalism, humanism and mind open to everything new, - these are the principles that guide this young man. He travels around the world , changing countries every 4 months. The new location Colin Wright chooses by voting on his blog, and gets to destination with passing cars. He calls his lifestyle "The embodiment of freedom". To be where you want, with whom you want.

Colin gives advice to novice travelers: "Leave yourself the freedom of choice. Do not plan too much, just outline the general contours to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. Try to be flexible. Concern easy to the fact that things are not going the way you planned. Relax. Do not panic. Be friendly and open. Respect the opinions of other people and other cultures".

Man lived 30 days on a homemade liquid mixture

Rob Reinhart - amateur chemist, decided to put an end to the problem of global hunger. He seeks to create a cheaper alternative to solid food, which will contain all the same nutrients.

Through trial and error, he created liquid food called "Soylent" in honor of "Soylent Green" - a fictional food from the film with the same name, made of dead human beings (Reinhart food does not contain any remains). He claims that he lived 30 days, eating only Soylent, although there are many skeptics, saying that he resorted to the biologically active additives and that his experiments are dubious, if not dangerous.

Nevertheless, the chemist does not give up. In his plans - testing on a voluntary participants. He also plans to launch a campaign on "Kickstarter" to raise funds - because he wants to feed the hungry and earn some money for himself.

Year without Internet

Paul Miller - a journalist who decided to abandon Internet for a year. Such an experiment on the previous background may not seem such the big victim, it's not affected any physiological needs. However, the result of the experiment showed that modern man seems to be easier to refuse money and property than Internet.

The reason of experiment was Paul desire to make his life better, to become freer. And in certain extent he succeeded - he began to write the novel, became more focused and calm. However, after several months of such a life journalist realized that the cause of his problems and dissatisfactions was not Internet. According to Paul, Internet has become an integral part of human existence, and without it person simply drops out of society, ceases to feel connected to other people.

"My plan was to leave internet and thereby to find the" real "Paul, get in touch with the real world. But the real Paul and the real world was already tightly connected with the Internet. I'm not saying that my life has not changed since the rejection of the Internet, but say that it was not real life".

Last experiment may seem the easiest, but in modern life it is practically impossible. We need Internet every day for work and study. Student will not be able to graduate without it, because he get his tasks and assistance in its implementation from the Internet.

All these experiments are not recommended to try on yourself, they are intended to show that no matter in what situation you find yourself, you are able to handle it!