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The world most famous experiments over human life

The desire to experience our opportunities and challenge the routine sometimes pushes people to the incredible things. On something that nobody had ever done before. And if all these challenges just another chance for the brave souls to live life more interesting and complete, with their own example, they make us to believe in our forces.

Here is the most extraordinary experiments of people over their lives, in order to prove that our possibilities are endless.

20 minutes without air

It is difficult to imagine a more suitable candidate to head the list. David Blaine - illusionist, who lives according to the principle "if one person could - everyone can." The most amazing experience in experiments on himself, David considers holding a breath for 17 minutes and 4 seconds, when he challenged the basic human needs - the need for oxygen.

Among his other experiments - "burial" alive in a plastic container, freezing in the ice, "dizziness" - 35-hour "standing" on the top of 22-meter tower, 44-day imprisonment without food in a box above the surface of Thames.

Complete rejection of money

At the age of 53 Heidemarie Schwermer rejected apartment she rented, handed out all her possessions to neighbors, leaving herself only a small suitcase, which place all the essentials. So she decided to make an experiment - to live a year without money and tangible property, except vital things. "People are very passionate about the material - money, property, - she says. - Spending on it a lot of time and effort. And they do not realize how little actually money gives us! I wanted to prove that another way of life is possible".

In exchange for food and lodging Heidemarie started to wash windows in private homes. In her words, the first time such a life was very difficult, but the sense of freedom that she felt, was worth it. Heidemarie for already 17 years live without using money for any reason. Moreover, she has become famous, and now consultations and lectures on life without material values became her main activity. A woman travels around the world and by her example shows people that for a happy life we need not so much.

Life without garbage

Bea Johnson, a frenchwoman who lives in California, in surprisingly simple manner solved the pollution problem for herself. Once she has made a choice and for perpetuity refuse the things that can not be recycled by own forces - from products in disposable packaging, household chemicals in plastic bottles and lots of unnecessary things. Thus, her family of 4 produces no more than liter can of garbage per year.
The idea of reducing the waste came to Bea during the move into a new house. "I had three dining sets, for only I need only one, we had 4 tables and 26 chairs, for only four of us. There were a lot of clothes and other totally useless things, or things that we rarely used", - she said.

Now she creates cosmetics for herself and produces substances for washing dishes and floors from the vinegar. Bea goes shopping with her rag bags and glass jars, buys all weighted. At the same time house where the family lives, and the way food is stored in it, look quite stylish. Everything is in their places, no mess and unnecessary things.

"When people first hear about this way of life, they are often imagined a sort of hairy hippies gone to live on nature in the village. Many even say that, in order to recycle all waste produced in the house, I should be engaged in it from morning till night. In fact, I work full time, like everyone else. And in my daily life everything is just the opposite - only faster and easier. That's why I chose this lifestyle. Its motto is - simplicity".

Endless journey

Minimalism, humanism and mind open to everything new, - these are the principles that guide this young man. He travels around the world , changing countries every 4 months. The new location Colin Wright chooses by voting on his blog, and gets to destination with passing cars. He calls his lifestyle "The embodiment of freedom". To be where you want, with whom you want.

Colin gives advice to novice travelers: "Leave yourself the freedom of choice. Do not plan too much, just outline the general contours to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. Try to be flexible. Concern easy to the fact that things are not going the way you planned. Relax. Do not panic. Be friendly and open. Respect the opinions of other people and other cultures".

Man lived 30 days on a homemade liquid mixture

Rob Reinhart - amateur chemist, decided to put an end to the problem of global hunger. He seeks to create a cheaper alternative to solid food, which will contain all the same nutrients.

Through trial and error, he created liquid food called "Soylent" in honor of "Soylent Green" - a fictional food from the film with the same name, made of dead human beings (Reinhart food does not contain any remains). He claims that he lived 30 days, eating only Soylent, although there are many skeptics, saying that he resorted to the biologically active additives and that his experiments are dubious, if not dangerous.

Nevertheless, the chemist does not give up. In his plans - testing on a voluntary participants. He also plans to launch a campaign on "Kickstarter" to raise funds - because he wants to feed the hungry and earn some money for himself.

Year without Internet

Paul Miller - a journalist who decided to abandon Internet for a year. Such an experiment on the previous background may not seem such the big victim, it's not affected any physiological needs. However, the result of the experiment showed that modern man seems to be easier to refuse money and property than Internet.

The reason of experiment was Paul desire to make his life better, to become freer. And in certain extent he succeeded - he began to write the novel, became more focused and calm. However, after several months of such a life journalist realized that the cause of his problems and dissatisfactions was not Internet. According to Paul, Internet has become an integral part of human existence, and without it person simply drops out of society, ceases to feel connected to other people.

"My plan was to leave internet and thereby to find the" real "Paul, get in touch with the real world. But the real Paul and the real world was already tightly connected with the Internet. I'm not saying that my life has not changed since the rejection of the Internet, but say that it was not real life".

Last experiment may seem the easiest, but in modern life it is practically impossible. We need Internet every day for work and study. Student will not be able to graduate without it, because he get his tasks and assistance in its implementation from the Internet.

All these experiments are not recommended to try on yourself, they are intended to show that no matter in what situation you find yourself, you are able to handle it!

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