Friday, 1 April 2016

The work of writer, as it is

 When people talk about writers, most of all, for some reason, imagine a person who sits in the armchair, giving the face a thoughtful expression and relaxed thinking about something. Then he sits at the table, within half an hour from his pen/keyboard come up a new book and goes to the editors.
A month later, that writer spends in a joyful idleness, the fee ends and again he has to sit in the chair, to come up with a new story. And then - write.

 There is another opinion - the writer rushes around the house (or Fazenda), with disheveled hair, unshaven, waving a pen, splashing ink the wall, then jump over the table and scribbling, scribbling, scribbling ... After finishing he helplessly tilts and falls asleep, in the room steals the wife (or someone else), read carefully, amazed the genius, brings the work to the editors, everyone is falling into a swoon, and - here he is a millionaire.

 To write immediately can only afford a person who write custom papers for a long time or a person with experience in the quarter of a century or someone and at the same time on a fairly limited topic. That is - to describe the events that have already occurred, so it was fun to read, nothing inventing and not surprising anyone with his talent. Yes - has written. Yes - a lot, and in one night. During one evening we will read it and the next day will forget. Because to write something memorable can only in the result of hard work. Doubt?

But it even doesn't need any proves - is enough to understand that people are not only different, but one same person in a different mood will perceive written work very differently. Therefore - writing something in one sitting, we risk getting the result that after reading does not satisfy the author himself - the mood is different. What to say about other people?

Submitting a deep thought, to create an atmosphere, to inspire with what is happening in the imagination of the author - the book task. What is a book? It is structured in a certain way letters of the alphabet and punctuation marks. Structured in such a way that in the reader's mind images appear, heart beats more often and blush on cheeks, and thought, new, life-saving (or destructive) appear.

That stage of the translation from the language of your thoughts to publicly accessible, a clear and concise language called the work of the writer. Each author (and all people) consider their thoughts ingenious, unique and best in the world. He does not understand that the most of his thought, if not bear practical use to the reader, are not wanted at all. Unless specifically expressed, structured and understandable. Then the reader closes the book only on the last page, fully satisfied and confident in his own mind

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  1. "That stage of the translation from the language of your thoughts to publicly accessible, a clear and concise language called the work of the writer." And this work is definitely not an easy one. Writing is difficult. You have to give all of yourself and practice a lot to get a good quality writing.

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