Monday, 4 April 2016

Why do students do not like to write essays

According to students of all ages, the greatest difficulty in studying they are experiencing at the time of writing school essays.

As a rule, children, are not very eager to learn how to write. What for? Indeed, in our time, an essay on any topic can be found on the Internet or in printed collections, which published a great many or can be bought at essay writing services. This is, firstly. Secondly, children are afraid that their own opinion is not quite right, not the same as served in the same criticism. Believe that because of this estimation will be decreased. So, it is better not to write.

But psychologists say that students simply do not know how to approach this kind of work as an essay. Children are often afraid, not whether they will be punished for expressing the non-standard opinion.

Students need to be explained that the ability to express their thoughts on paper, to argue, to think for themselves and express their own opinions are not given to man by birth. This needs to be learned.

It is not necessary to prove how important for the human ability to think, to compare the facts, make inferences, in the end, build a strong statement. All this will not only help on admission to educational institutions but also useful in adult life. And developing these skills exactly an independent essay writing of various kinds. 

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