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How to cope with stress at the exam

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Summer - time for graduation and entrance examinations, on which so much depends. This is a serious test not only knowledge of the graduate, but his psychological stability.

In youth experience of severe trials of life is still low, the psychological steeling is not enough. Therefore exams sometimes turn into torture and bring real suffering. Just remember your feeling when you need your college paper done until tomorrow and you haven't even started. Is it possible to overcome this threshold without excessive stress, fears, and tears? Psychologists believe that this is quite possible.

Whence undertakes stress?

According to experts, it is generated by:

  • intense mental activity,
  • the burden on the same muscles and organs due to prolonged sitting behind books,
  • and also the violation of sleep and rest mode.
But the main factor provoking stress development - it is a negative emotion.

Examination stress - one of the most common types of stress. Studies show that during the examination period in the schools and universities 48% of boys and 60% girls noticeably lose weight, and blood pressure has increased to 140-155 mm Hg.

According to a survey of graduates of schools, most often examinees suffer from headaches, nausea, and diarrhea, have exacerbated all skin diseases, there is a feeling of general malaise, confusion, panic and fear. At the same time they become overly self-critical, and their tortured nightmares and bad memories of past failures in examinations (and not only their own but also others).

Stress can also cause depression, during which a person has a sharp change in mood, appetite, and sleep deteriorates, understated self-esteem. Depression is very insidious, because it affects the motivation of actions, making it difficult to prepare for exams.

Few people know that stress has also positive sides. In small doses, it is simply necessary, because it indicates when the problem occurs and is responsible for our "tuning" on adequate behavior in danger. In the case of examinations, stress provides the body with extra adrenaline, supporting us in the right form. 

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