Friday, 1 April 2016

Why do we study at university?

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Have you thought about why studying in a university (or school?) Many are saying for the sake of knowledge, but do you use it now? ... Someone will say that even knowledge is not as important as what you can get information retrieval skills thanks to the university? ..a what do you think? ... and if it looks like a self-deception?

Why learn something that you will not use in the future. For example, if you learning French, and then for two years does not talk about it, believe me, in two years you will hardly remember what you studied ... Of course, I'm for it, to learn languages. But the idea is that they are much better absorbed if practiced daily and be where everyone speaks French. Similarly, it applies to all those subjects which you are studying.

Mindfulness during the education

There are a lot of students who unconsciously look at their education. They do not understand why they do it. When asking them a question: "So why did you learn ', often getting answers," it is how it should be "," it is important for the parents. " And they go to the university, just like everyone else. According to the principle: where goes everyone - I go too.

Indeed, the more we study, the more we realize and becomes conscious. At the awareness lies freedom. But, unfortunately, in the world is arranged a system where you need to go and learn what you do not like just because for someone else that seems important. Most students do not know who they want to become. And hovering in illusions that after finishing university this mystery will be revealed.

Actually, we are capable of creating a future such, as we wish. Please note, commonly taught in universities economy those who have never owned a business. Or teach engineering, those who never projected. Or writing a book who used essay writing services in college. Then think about what they will be able to teach you? Theory? However, we need practice. Reality.

To find yourself, the first thing you need to start with - is the intention of finding yourself. Find your business center. That is the work that you will excite and inspire. So that you get an orgasm from the process. So that you were willing to do all these things for free. It is those people who have invested in their job their heart and soul, became prominent businessmen and real experts. 

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