Monday, 4 April 2016

How to survive when writing a dissertation

To earn a doctoral degree in most areas, you will be required to write a book-length thesis. The process of its writing can be very difficult: you have to think about a worthy project, carry out your own research, which projectile the original argument and contributing to the sphere. Your individual experience may vary greatly depending on the academic field, university faculty and the project, but fortunately, there are a number of general tips that will help with the process.

Start in advance. Although you do not start the active phase of writing a dissertation, until you get to the final part of the doctoral program - usually after several years of coursework and exams - you have to start thinking about potential projects in advance. Your first few years in graduate school are crucial, because they introduce you to the basics of scientific work in your area. In the course of development of this material you can do outline of what you could add to it. Refill your list of ideas.

Understand the goal. Even within one area different departments may have a different approach to a dissertation project. You should be aware of what constitutes a satisfactory thesis in your area, at your university, written with the support of your faculty - and, ideally, in terms of your research supervisor and committee members. Conducting a baseline study will help you feel more confident and make the process less mysterious. 

Ask for help in determining the best ideas for a potential project. With the approach of the thesis defense, you have to share the available ideas with people who can help you: your scientific supervisor, professor with experience in your area, other graduate students (especially those that are a little further in process of writing a dissertation project), dissertation writing service and any other potential source of advice and wisdom. Be open and receptive to their suggestions. 

Be realistic. You must choose a project that can be completed within a reasonable time and has the necessary amount of information. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that you will have to postpone the most interesting and ambitious idea. Remember: if you can not complete the thesis in time, the revolutionary ideas contained in it, will not have any value. 


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