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How to become a successful student

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A good student always listens attentively and takes an active part in the lesson. If you want to study better then everyone in school and get good marks - here you will find a few tips for achieving your goal.

In order to become a good student you have to work on a key aspect - to become more organized. Without organization, you will be hard to find your school supplies and notes.

Buy a folder to store your records, homework and tests / written work. Buy a bookmark or make them yourself. You can also buy boxes of documents, which are placed several folders.

Buy a diary or journal to record the tasks, the date of the test, etc. Thus, coming home in the evening, you can organize your schedule and calculate what task you need to pass in the first place and start working on it. In this area, it is important to set priorities.

Dress neat and tidy - this will show your respect. Do not wear tight clothes or, on the contrary, things that hang on you. If you have a form at the school, dress neatly, tuck the shirt to look good. 

Do not go beyond the boundaries of the dress - code defined by your school. Be grateful for what the school committee allow you to wear what you want, although they could enter form. 

Make sure that you have done your homework and write it clearly and precisely, and will be able to read it then. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. If you must take the report until Monday, you were given for it three weeks, and you have not even begun - it is better not to wait until Sunday. Try to start to work on it in advance or at least find a professional service that will type your essay for you. 

Show that you want to study. If you do not understand something, do not hesitate to ask the teacher. If you have an idea - raise your hand.

To create an ideal learning environment you should be cheerful and full of energy. Distractions can reduce the effectiveness of training. These include: television, talk radio, music - anything that can distract you from the task execution.  

It is proved that the students involved in extracurricular activities do better in school, so do not overload yourself, but do not sit idle. Join a club or join a sports team, drama club and other clubs that organize representations or compete with other schools. 

If you notice that someone is rude to newcomer, intercede for him. Let everyone know you as a reliable person and a good friend - then people will treat you with respect. In addition, if you help others, you can also count on their support.

Announce your candidacy for the post of president of the class and / or the student council.

Relax! After having done the homework, you can have some fun. Watch a movie or start reading the book that wanted to.   

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